Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Miniature Pink Cake By Candlelight

Every once in a while we all get a craving for cake, and as you might now by now, mine is for the miniature kind most of the time. And since I have been known to prepare pink cherry cake before, I thought I'd give it a little twist this time around.

So I had the delicious pink sugar frosting, the tiny cherries on top, the wooden preparation board, the delicate paper napkin, but still something was missing...And then it hit me, what could go better with this pale pink miniature dessert than the mint color of the jadeite cake stand. To top that off, I completed the picture with a jadeite candle holder - also in mint color. 

Isn't this just the prettiest sight? Miniature cherry cake by candlelight, for some very special, little guests.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Dried Raisins Panettone For A Miniature Easter

So Easter is coming up, and we are glad to welcome it with our miniature version of the Italian panettone. 

We've even sliced it up for serving, and prepared some hot tea to go with it. 

Of course we can't take credit for everything on our board - the tin pot is Chrysbon, and it is actually plastic. 

Although I am sure you can't tell judging by the patina we added to it. 

In fact, everything looks ever so real, that a few days after making it I got the urge to pick up the dough and smell it…funny thing - true story though :).

But I am afraid that the smell isn't there, and the feast if for your eyes only - although imagination can take care of everything else.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Swedish Treats For Snowy Days

We're having quite a bit of snow these days in Bucharest, nobody's going anywhere, and I have to say it is pretty nice - with us having had no snow around Christmas. 

And with all this snow coming in, for some reason Sweden popped right back on my radar again. What better way to celebrate schools being closed than with tasty Swedish treats?

This wonderful specialty is called Semla, and it consists of homemade buns (oven baked), filled with almond paste and cream, sprinkled with powdered sugar. It's such a sweet dessert, and even its miniature version is quite mouth watering, if I do say so myself.

I don't know whether we are expecting even more snow, and even if we are I am not worried, I have all the polymer clay I need to carry on with my "obsession" for miniatures, and as long as the internet is working, I'll be sure to share my next tiny projects with you.


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Dreaming of Sweden - A Miniature Dollhouse Room Box

For my special miniature project this Christmas, I thought I'd try to do a better, more elaborate room-box. Of course I designed it at 1:12, my favorite scale :).

All said and done, I tried to think of what makes me happier than anything, and Sweden came to me straight away. And with shabby chic and Sweden on my mind I began working. 

After I had decided on a good sized box, came the hard part, of deciding what to put inside of it. I tried to carefully select each and every item, and make sure that they were worthy of my tiny dollhouse room-box.

But selecting them was not everything, as I would soon find out. Once I got them, I started the long process of transforming them, and giving them my own personal touch. And this is how, in the end, none of the outside miniatures have remained the same. Whether it is patina or paint, I have changed them all.

I then added my own creations, peach cupcakes on a shelf, along with a toffee apple, a jar of jam and some bread, some apricots and even a lemon. All miniature food made out of polymer clay.

Coming on to details, I really wanted to get the "lived in" feeling, so I handmade a bunch of super small stuff. The calendar on the wall, the kitchen towel on the hook, and a selection of books, out of which one is standing out - "Dreaming of Sweden". It turned out to be the perfect name for my dollhouse room box.


There are plenty of other details, but I'll let you discover them by yourselves - I have uploaded quite a few pictures to help you out.

I'll just say that the shelves do not lack wooden chopping boards (handmade), books, glasses and even some fine china.  


Hanging from the wall above there is even a working lamp to turn on at night - it works on a small watch battery. The floor is plywood, handmade of course.

And since I like to play with my miniatures, I have attached a hinged wooden frame, that one can open and close every time one feels the need to play with this little wonder.

For me this shabby chic dollhouse box is a reminder of the Swedish design culture, and for their constant attention to each and every detail. I hope I managed to convey the same feeling to you. 


Friday, November 1, 2013

Miniature Cherry Season

So I know we are far from cherry season, but that isn't stopping me from making these pretty miniature fruits. 

I like cherries, and whether I am using a bunch of them, or even just a few, I really enjoy giving them a front role in a lot of my dollhouse dishes. So, don't be surprised if you'll find them on cakes, biscuits, and even in bowls.

For some reason I absolutely love making them, and be it winter or spring, summer or autumn, I think they are always in season. 

And since I am making them out of polymer clay, I am pretty sure they'll never go bad.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Dollhouse Fun

I haven't really prepared the dollhouse for Halloween this year, but that is only because I have been so busy with custom orders...not that I am complaining :).

Anyway, I couldn't let the festivities pass me by, and since less is more, and miniatures really say that better than anything else, I thought of getting you in the Halloween mood with a fun picture. 

Can you spot the ghosts? thought so :)

Happy Halloween everyone!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Honey, Yogurt Panna Cotta With Pears and Pistachios

I am especially proud of a miniature delicacy I have just finished a few weeks ago, therefore I couldn't resist the urge to share it with you guys. 

I set out to make something especially delicate and sweet, and could think of nothing better than  yogurt panna cotta, with pistachios and delicious pears. It took some extra time on my part (that I have to admit), and I couldn't quite tell you how I managed to produce the tinniest pistachios in the world, but somehow it was all done, at the usual 1:12/1'' scale.

And in the end I was really sorry to see it go (as you guessed it, the piece has already been snatched away by a true dollhouse aficionado), but I snapped some pictures just in time, so I have something to show for it.