Friday, April 26, 2013

Apricot Sponge Cake

We’re making apricot sponge cake today, and the miniature preparation board will show you just how this dessert is made, or at least the polymer clay version of it ☺.

It all starts with the egg whites, sugar and butter, being mixed together into a thick cream that will become the dough. Holding it all together, we have a big, metal, shabby enamel bowl that has been intentionally chipped for an extra real feel. The mixing utensil is handmade. 

Another metal bowl holds the apricots used for the filling. They are in the process of being washed, and you can even see the tiny air bubbles trapped in the water.
We also have a small, polka dot cup filled with sugar, some butter in its original packaging, as well as a small egg and two extra apricots, patiently waiting their turn.

Finally, fresh out of the oven, the apricot sponge cake itself is resting on a checked kitchen towel. Its metallic tray is also handmade. The surface of the cake looks great, it seems to have actually grown in the oven, just like the real thing.

The board that holds them all together is a handmade balsa wood, with oil paint patina. And because we believe in having full freedom in the kitchen, we have only fixed the kitchen towel, the butter and the egg to the board. As for the rest, you are free to arrange them as you wish for your afternoon dollhouse cake party.