Thursday, May 16, 2013

Miniature Cherry Cake Selection

Miniature desserts are on the menu today, and this pretty cherry frosting cake is what we want to serve you with. 

Take a peak to see the three layers of confiture that provide its sweet, sour flavor. The texture looks so yummy that you could almost eat it on the spot. It's just too bad it's only polymer clay, and o so small. ☺
The sugar frosting on the outside is light pink, topped off with a drop of white cream and a cherry - less is more, right?

This adorable cake is set on a super fine ceramic plate, in a beautiful green color that offers such a nice contrast with the dessert. For an extra touch of elegance we have set it all on a delicate vinyl napkin.

Next up, we have the cherry cake selection plate. 

Take the finest powdered sugar, the smallest cherries you can find, some sweet cream filling and dough, and you get the most wonderful, miniature cherry cake there is. And as you might have guessed, this is the dollhouse dessert we have prepared for you today. We have set four tiny pieces of cake on a lovely, super fine ceramic plate. It's the perfect serving portion, although delicious as it looks, your dollhouse guests may ask for seconds. 

The selection contains four different types of cherry cake, each made using their own recipe, making them totally unique. The cherries themselves are a work of art, so small and yet so realistic, ripped to perfection, although made of polymer clay. The great inside texture of the cake offers a clear view of the tasty fruit bits, while whole cherries provide the decorations. 

The cake does not lack sweet cream filling, and you will see that we have been quite generous with it, both on the inside and outside. 

All four pieces have been powdered with fine sugar, and are ready to be served - to any dollhouse miniature party anyway :-). 


  1. Yum! These look wonderful. :) Absolutely love the tiny cherries and all the details!