Thursday, June 6, 2013

Strawberries, real ones, miniature ones, I'll take them all.

It is strawberry season, and I feel a new challenge arising. I have to admit that I have always dreaded making "berries" of any kind, and that's why I kept postponing for as long as I could. And I'll tell you why. They are quite small in real life as well, and I've rarely seen realistic miniature strawberries, so I thought I'd stay away for the time being.

However, their abundance in the local market, and their wonderful aroma filling the air gave me the push I needed to change my mind. I manned up, and decided to give them a try.

My recipe? A polymer clay that is not Fimo (it's called Cernit). It's less translucent, and it gives you the perfect white that you find inside a plump strawberry. My technique is like this: first I paint it using pastel powder, and then I add a touch of red paint. 

And since they seemed to turn out quite good from the very first try (or so I think) :-) well, I ended up using them for pretty much everything...breakfast, my first strawberry cake, my second strawberry cake, and probably my third cake and so on :-)

So now you know, that's how I came about making miniature strawberries.


  1. Hello Maria! Your strawberries are truly sweet and juicy looking and you have done a Marvelous job of coloring them! I use to have some Cernit so perhaps I shall give this a try out! I will now have to locate the product in my messy workspace and who knows how long that will take.... Maybe, I just stay and admire yours a little longer!