Wednesday, July 31, 2013

On an unrelated note, we made the local magazine...

In case you were wondering what we look like, here's your chance, cause we are proud to say we made the local magazine!!

We were featured along with a few of our miniatures in the August edition of our local "Femeia" (Woman) magazine.

So, here are the two girls behind the miniature project that wants to take the world by surprise. :)

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Miniature Custom Cakes To Go

So we got a custom order from our most loyal customer yet :) Apparently she was having a miniature dollhouse party, and wanted not one, not two, not three, but four different cakes to serve to her tiny guests. That must be one classy party for sure - we thought to ourselves.

And since we always love a good challenge, we immediately said yes and started working on these miniature custom cakes. I studied the pictures up close, and in keeping with the real life cakes, I tried to capture the texture, detail and color that make them so very cute. And they are cute, there is no doubt about it. 

But, since every challenge is supposed to be hard, this one made no exception, and I have to admit I took my sweet time. The trickiest ones were the pink macaroons cake and the pastel one. It wasn't easy to replicate the tiny multicolored candy inside the macaroons one, or the delicate pastel layers of the other one, but I like to think I did it alright.

And to keep things interesting we also had a rose petal cherry cake, and of course a chocolate cherry one. All in all we think we did pretty well. Check out the "before and after" pictures, what do you think, have we lived up to the challenge?





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Monday, July 8, 2013

Old Fashioned Coffee Sponge Cake - The Miniature Version

I got nostalgic for those quiet summer afternoons at my grandma's, with the great desserts and the long talks, and the feeling of sheer joy it all gave me. And I suddenly felt the urge for some old fashioned sponge cake…

But you know me, miniatures are my specialty, so what else could I be making, if not a tiny sponge cake? And in keeping with my grandmother's tradition I have given it the works: coffee frosting and cherry confiture on the side - or should I say on top?

Ok, so maybe it doesn't smell like the real thing, maybe it is not edible, you've got me there. But it's a miniature that captures the moment, and that will definitely last in time - not like the real cake that would disappear the moment she'd take it out of the oven :) 

I guess with polymer clay things really can last forever, and I made a cake that will remind me that memories do last forever - at least good ones that is…

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