Saturday, August 10, 2013

Taste For Cake

I suddenly developed a taste for cake, sweet, melt in your mouth cake, and my first thought was to go to the kitchen, and bake the...miniature version of course. Like I said in my previous posts, it can all be resumed to this: desserts do taste jolly good, but miniatures are forever, so take your pick. :)

All said and done, I got right down to it, studied the real thing up closely and decided to go for a sliced bundt cake and a delicious frosted sponge cake, with two tiny tea cookies. It's really everything you need for a successful dollhouse party.

When it comes down to these popular desserts, the main thing to consider is color and texture. If you manage to get those right then you're home free. So, I fiddled and played around with colors until I got that brownish, fresh out of the oven look I was going for. And there you have it, delicious bundt cake and sweet frosted sponge cake, polymer clay replicas, but just as good looking as the real thing.

Now it's all up to the tiny dollhouse guests to judge the result, it's just too bad they can't talk. :)

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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Crusty Rustic Bread Miniature

I made this one thinking about all those times I was longing for the smell of fresh baked bread. 

And since it's a little bit tricky to always be baking bread - and by tricky I mean hard :) I decided to "bake" the miniature version of the ever so popular crusty rustic bread.

One can never have enough bread, especially when it is fresh out of the oven, so I made two, and even cut a slice for those who want to savor it with a little bit of butter. 

Downsides: it's not edible, however delicious looking it may be.

Upsides: it never goes stale.