Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Dreaming of Sweden - A Miniature Dollhouse Room Box

For my special miniature project this Christmas, I thought I'd try to do a better, more elaborate room-box. Of course I designed it at 1:12, my favorite scale :).

All said and done, I tried to think of what makes me happier than anything, and Sweden came to me straight away. And with shabby chic and Sweden on my mind I began working. 

After I had decided on a good sized box, came the hard part, of deciding what to put inside of it. I tried to carefully select each and every item, and make sure that they were worthy of my tiny dollhouse room-box.

But selecting them was not everything, as I would soon find out. Once I got them, I started the long process of transforming them, and giving them my own personal touch. And this is how, in the end, none of the outside miniatures have remained the same. Whether it is patina or paint, I have changed them all.

I then added my own creations, peach cupcakes on a shelf, along with a toffee apple, a jar of jam and some bread, some apricots and even a lemon. All miniature food made out of polymer clay.

Coming on to details, I really wanted to get the "lived in" feeling, so I handmade a bunch of super small stuff. The calendar on the wall, the kitchen towel on the hook, and a selection of books, out of which one is standing out - "Dreaming of Sweden". It turned out to be the perfect name for my dollhouse room box.


There are plenty of other details, but I'll let you discover them by yourselves - I have uploaded quite a few pictures to help you out.

I'll just say that the shelves do not lack wooden chopping boards (handmade), books, glasses and even some fine china.  


Hanging from the wall above there is even a working lamp to turn on at night - it works on a small watch battery. The floor is plywood, handmade of course.

And since I like to play with my miniatures, I have attached a hinged wooden frame, that one can open and close every time one feels the need to play with this little wonder.

For me this shabby chic dollhouse box is a reminder of the Swedish design culture, and for their constant attention to each and every detail. I hope I managed to convey the same feeling to you. 


Friday, November 1, 2013

Miniature Cherry Season

So I know we are far from cherry season, but that isn't stopping me from making these pretty miniature fruits. 

I like cherries, and whether I am using a bunch of them, or even just a few, I really enjoy giving them a front role in a lot of my dollhouse dishes. So, don't be surprised if you'll find them on cakes, biscuits, and even in bowls.

For some reason I absolutely love making them, and be it winter or spring, summer or autumn, I think they are always in season. 

And since I am making them out of polymer clay, I am pretty sure they'll never go bad.