Friday, November 1, 2013

Miniature Cherry Season

So I know we are far from cherry season, but that isn't stopping me from making these pretty miniature fruits. 

I like cherries, and whether I am using a bunch of them, or even just a few, I really enjoy giving them a front role in a lot of my dollhouse dishes. So, don't be surprised if you'll find them on cakes, biscuits, and even in bowls.

For some reason I absolutely love making them, and be it winter or spring, summer or autumn, I think they are always in season. 

And since I am making them out of polymer clay, I am pretty sure they'll never go bad.


  1. Those black cherries are so well made! I love black cherries. :) I admire your work greatly, Maia! I finally got a pound of translucent clay so I could make my miniatures more realistic. ^^

  2. wow! they look sooo tasty! Great work! Hannah

  3. Thank you guys so much, I am so glad you like them :)